Branding: Expectations vs. Reality


Branding: Expectations vs. Reality


We can’t exaggerate the great opportunities that digital branding offers to advertisers. The popularity of the internet and social media platforms has created faster and more targeted ways to increase brand awareness, build leads and raise your bottom line.
However, experienced marketers know that some branding myths need to be dispelled despite the many benefits.
Due to some misconceptions, people expect more from digital branding, and it’s frustrating with their digital branding platform.
When you do not get the results you expect, it does not mean that your digital branding is ineffective, but it does mean that you have false expectations from it. There is a lot of difference between reality and expectations. So when you start digital branding, you should have a clear understanding of its reality.
When you do not get the results you expect, it does not mean that your digital branding is ineffective, but it does mean that you have false expectations from it. There is a lot of difference between reality and expectations. So when you start digital branding, you should have a clear understanding of its reality.
The branding strategies trend is ever-changing, so you need to be aware of the realities and keep a close eye on the digital branding trends in 2022.
In this blog, we analyze what marketers expect from digital branding and marketing and what the actual reality is.

Expectation - More visibility brings more traffic, and more traffic means more business

Reality Check – Yes, getting traffic for the website and social media page is very important. However, you need to know that gaining visibility does not mean more traffic, and more traffic does not mean more business.
This is because a website or social media page can get millions of traffic through various tips, but not all of them are interested in being their customers. So, you need to understand if you only want random traffic or organic traffic.
For example, if you are in the business of selling tables and chairs, you need an audience looking for furniture rather than sporting goods. Organic traffic takes time! Also, getting overcrowded is not enough. It is also essential to have a good exchange rate. To get a reasonable exchange rate, you need to get organic traffic related to your brand.

Expectation - More followers means more business.

Reality Check – This is a common misconception faced by almost every digital branding agency. Many business owners, especially first-timers looking for digital marketing services, think that they will do more business if they can get more followers, and this is not true.
The number of followers is a metric tracked by a digital marketing team. It indicates how popular a post or your brand is on different platforms—the ‘followers ‘ act as an anchor to test your business performance against your competitors.
Also, it is a metric used to test the performance of content and posts on social media pages. Better conversions, leads, and sales come with better performance

Expectation - The results will come from publishing a certain number of posts per day

Reality Check – This is not the number of posts, and the post’s content is essential. For example, a data-based post yields more than four random posts. Also, it is necessary to consider the timing of posts on various social media platforms.
Most brands expect their digital marketing team to publish many posts daily. Most importantly, the best time is to understand the frequency and post anything containing information or adding value.

Expectation - creating good social media content is enough!

Reality Check – Clearly, creating great social media content is just one part of the process of impressing your business. This very essential to make sure that the material can attach. This way, you can engage people to find relevant information and make purchasing decisions.
So, whether you publish video content, social media posts, audios, podcasts, GIFs, or anything else, make sure it is of high quality and provides valuable information. Currently, video content is viral on many social media platforms. Therefore, you can allocate your resources to create high-quality video content for now.

Expectation - Digital branding benefits only apply to large companies.

Reality Check – This is false. Digital branding is for anyone and everyone. Whether you are a big company or a small startup these days, you have to be online to run a business. Today more than half the audience is on social media, and they always Want to buy products or services online. This is one of the reasons why digital marketing plays such a huge role when doing business online.

Expectation - Digital branding is a single-time process - 'just set it and leave it.

Reality Check – once more, this is a big misconception. Digital branding is not a one-time process. Whether campaigning on social media platforms or running a paid advertising campaign on Google, you cannot leave it unset. It is essential to keep a constant watch on them.
Sometimes the audience gets tired; The frequency with which the ad worked last week may stop working this week. That’s why it’s essential to keep an eye on advertising campaigns and social media platforms. Also, you should change the written copy design of the ad from time to time.

Expectation - Digital branding services provide immediate benefits

Reality Check – Yes, it will benefit you, but only if you can accurately set up the campaign with historical and actionable data. Google also talks about setting up the correct movement with the right goals.
Almost everyone underestimates the effort to implement a profitable payment advertising campaign. It would be best to create ads related to the target market, test and re-test them, add retargeting, and the list goes on. Additionally, you need to monitor these sections of your campaign and all possible variables, all modifiers, bid adjustments, devices, audiences, and more.
All of this takes time. So, you have to be patient and trust your digital branding agency, and you can not expect magical ROI and flow gains in a week.

Expectation - Conversions increase as brand awareness expands

Reality Check – It is only accurate if you can optimize conversions. Most brands consider the “spray and pray” approach when using display advertising and marketing strategy. If you throw a wide net, you will catch much fish.
Setting up a wide net is expensive, and you will not reach the right ROI if you do not know the actual price of sales, revenue on every purchase cost, or advertising cost metrics. This is where professional digital branding agencies take the time to do their homework to enable you to stream a good size net for your ideal potential customer.

Expectation - Digital branding will be quick, and you will get unlimited reviews

Reality Check – Digital branding is not a quick process. Understanding your brand requires a deep dive to know the good and bad. The more you know, the better it is to create the right digital branding strategies.
Digital branding design is not a quick process if you work with the right people. You work with your agency to identify your target market and pain points. Then, the agency prepares a timeline based on the number of rounds for revision.
Understand that if you throw things away often, the cost will increase. Most importantly, your brand image will deteriorate if you do not show any signs of brand sustainability.

Last thoughts

The business branding concept is a significant investment in exposing your business in strictly increasing order. Making your business/brand successful overnight is not a magic mantra. This is not just about logo designing service, social media campaign, Google Adwords / PPC campaign, or any branding elements.

It would help if you had a consistent, comprehensive, data-based approach to make your digital branding successful. If you decide to brand your business professionally, you should consult professional agencies with your brand goal. Work with people who want to elevate you and see you succeed in an ever-changing world.

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